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Thomas & Friends – New Range of Vitamins

Fitvits launches new Thomas & Friends vitamin range. The Thomas & Friends vitamins are shaped as the much loved children’s characters, each variety of vitamin is packaged as either Thomas or as one of his engine friends in handy mini packs that contain the recommended daily allowance a child should take. The Thomas & Friends vitamins varieties include; Multivitamin Thomas Gummies, Vitamin C Percy Gummies, Calcium + Vitamin D James Gummies and Omega 3, 6, 9 Gordon Gummies. Available in all leading pharmacies, grocery stores and directly from the Fitvits website.

Fitvits and Peppa Pig – American Vegetarian Association certified Vegan

Following on from the Vegetarian Society Approved status for these vitamins earlier in the year, they have now been certified as Vegan by the American Vegetarian Association. This accreditation confirms the international recognition of these vitamins as being free from any animal product.

Fitvits and Peppa Pig – Daily Express

Daily Express, Tuesday 17th September, Peppa Pig Vitamin C available Now from Holland and Barrett

Fitvits and Peppa Pig – Now available from ChemistDirect

3 for 2 on all Peppa Pig and Fitvits Vitamins from ChemistDirect at

Fitvits and Peppa Pig

The Holland and Barrett "Healthy" magazine September/October issue out now, see Peppa Pig Vitamins on page 18.

New to Fitvits website - Nutritional advice from Kate Nelson at Inspire Dietetic Consultancy

As a provider of children vitamins; FitVits and Peppa Pig, we take the provision of nutritional supplements seriously. Behind the vibrantly packaged vitamins, specifically designed to help encourage the taking of vitamins daily, there is an important message relating to vitamins being part of a balanced health life style. To support this message that vitamins can form part of a healthy diet providing nutritional support for healthy growth and development, especially for children 5 and under, we are proud to announce that Kate Nelson of Inspire Dietetic Consultancy will be providing independent dietary and health advice visit www.fitvits/peppapig . Kate's view; "A healthy diet during childhood is crucial for healthy growth and development. It has been recommended by the Department of Health that young children under the age of 5 years should take a supplement containing vitamins A, C and D to ensure the child gets everything they need. Vitamins are essential nutrients that your child needs in small amounts to help their body function properly. However, providing a healthy and well balanced diet for your child can be difficult, especially when your child is learning to eat a variety of foods or is a fussy/picky eater. The Fitvits Peppa Pig nutritional supplements are nutritionally beneficial to children who may not be able to achieve a well-balanced diet and therefore may be at risk of being deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. Fitvits Peppa Pig nutritional supplements provide your child with the recommended daily intake of vitamins and some minerals required for healthy growth and development. Parents can therefore be reassured that their child is getting all the essential vitamins that they need to stay healthy and to promote growth."

Fitvits and Peppa Pig - Approved by the Vegetarian Society

Fitvits believe that it is important for our customers to have products that they can trust and therefore being approved by the Vegetarian Society was a high priority. This Vegetarian Society accreditation gives reassurance and inspires trust. The strict criteria for approval means that the Fitvits products including the Peppa Pig range are not only suitable for vegetarians in that they don't contain any ingredient derived from animal slaughter but also that the products are free from GMO (genetically modified organism), have not been tested on animals and that there is no cross contamination during the production process.

Fitvits Gummy Sharks - New and improved formula

We at Fitvits continually strive to improve and to provide vitamins that are not only formulated to support healthy growth and development but also look and taste great too. We are proud to announce the launch of the new improved formula for the Omega 3 Gummy Sharks. Not only do Fitvits Gummy Sharks now contain Omega 3, 6, 9 they are also fish free and with a great taste too.

Peppa Pig Vitamins - Now available from...

Following the recent successful launch of the Peppa pig vitamins range we are pleased to confirm that these vitamins are now available at; Boots, Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, Superdrug, Holland and Barrett, Ocado and all leading chemists.

Peppa Pig Vitamins - New from Fitvits

Fitvits have expanded their range of children vitamins to include a range of Peppa Pig vitamins. These delicious natural fruit flavoured gummy vitamins are shaped as Peppa Pig the number one pre-school character and are presented to children in vibrantly styled daily mini packs. Available as Peppa Pig Multivitamins, Vitamin C and Calcium plus Vitamin D, and includes George Multivitamins.

Peppa pig Vitamins - Distribution agreement

From January 2013 Fitvits entered into an agreement with Alliance Healthcare (Boots Alliance) whereby Alliance Healthcare will distribute all Fitvits vitamins. This help secure the listing of Peppa Pig vitamins in Boots means that Peppa Pig vitamins will be on the shelves in over 7,500 chemists.

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Fitvits - ASDA in-store Samplingy

On July 23rd 2010 Fitvits will be holding promotional sampling activities in selected ASDA stores across the UK. Stores in West Bridgford, Havant, Eastlands, Canterbury, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Park Royal, Wolverhampton, Swansea and Milton Keynes will be visited by promotional staff offering free advice to customers on health and nutrition as well as giving out free samples to parents and children.

Fitvits - Fitvits Hit the Shelves

Fitvits explode on to the UK and Eire high street in April 2010. You can find the yummy healthy Fitvits gummies in ASDA, Superdrug, Holland & Barrett as well as all good independent health stores and leading pharmacies. Fitvits will be available soon in Harrods pharmacy and Morrisons, for further news on stockists keep an eye out here!

FitVits - Children Lunchbox News

Recent research carried out by Leeds University has found that only one per cent of children's lunch boxes meet the nutritional standards set for schools, with over a quarter of lunch boxes containing sweets, savoury snacks such as crisps and a sugary drink. We need to work harder to keep these snack boxes healthy! Visit Crack the lunch box issue for tips on how to get your kids tucking into a nutritious lunch. We at Fitvits suggest including a daily pack of Multivitamin Bears or Omega 3 + Vitamin Sharks in the lunchbox. Lunchtime is the ideal time of day for Fitvits to be taken (preferably after eating) and they still bring the excitement of a 'treat snack' offering an entirely healthy alternative to sweets or a fun size chocolate snack.