Fitvits and Peppa Pig “Win 3 months’ supply of Fitvits or Peppa Pig vitamins” Competition Results

Below are the 10 lucky winning entries all will receive 3 months’ supply of their favourite Fitvits or Peppa Pig vitamins.

“I love the fact that my son loves the cool shapes and yummy flavours and they are perfect for his lunchbox or just as a treat”
Natalie from Romiley, Stockport

“The reason I love Fitvits is because I have 3 young children, one of which is a very fussy eater and has to see a dietician regularly because he eats hardly anything! I give all 3 of my children the Gummy Bear vitamins and they love them because they are just like normal Gummy Bears. My youngest child is also starting to get quite fussy with her food and she is a massive Peppa Pig fan, (so are my older 2 secretly) I haven't seen the Peppa Pig ones before and I know they would absolutely love them!”
Nicola from Swansea

“I love your vitamins so much as it is very hard to buy pleasant tasting Children's vitamins that come in user friendly form. My girls have so often refused to take the liquid vitamins I have bought because of their unpleasant taste and especially aftertaste (having tried them myself in an effort not to waste the money and hoping to increase my brain power! I have to agree with them - YUCK!)”
Maria from London

“Always easy to get children to take multivitamins as absolutely love Peppa Pig. Anything which encourages them to be healthy without fighting with them is great!”
Wendy from Chippenham

“We love everything that is Peppa Pig from clothes to school bags!!! Also I want to make sure that my daughter has the right protection in and out, I love to know she has all the vitamins every day that she needs.”
Krisztina from Little Hulton, Manchester

“I love Fitvits so much because the clever use of popular characters encourages my family to take their daily vitamin supplements and I feel confident using Fitvits for my families wellbeing”
Jane from Portpatrick

“My niece has severe learning difficulties and having gummy bears makes her so happy! The fact that this is only for her is an extra incentive! Thank you for this fantastic product.”
Maria from London

“I don't think there is a lot available at the standard and reasonable price that you are offering. I also think Peppa Pig is genius, children love Peppa and Co.”
Karen from Mackworth

“We love Fitvits because the kids think they're eating "naughty sweets" but actually they're taking their vitamins. It also helps that they taste great!”
Ieuan from Senghenydd

“They are full of all the vital nutrients my boy needs and needless to say he loves Peppa Pig”
Martin from Colchester

Peppa Pig “I love Vitamins” Competition Results

Below are the 20 lucky winning entries of the two Peppa Pig “I love Vitamins” competitions (PP140 and PP141), all will receive 3 months’ supply of their favourite Peppa Pig vitamins.

“I love vitamins because they are great to keep you healthy
Jasmine aged 5 from Rutherglen

“I love vitamins because they keep little piggies healthy and strong
Angus aged 7 from Carluke

“I love vitamins because they help keep me fit and healthy so I can learn lots at school
Phoebe aged 5 from Westcliff on Sea

“I love vitamins because I grow big and strong then I can fly to the Moon and Mars
Liam aged 5 from Banbury

“I love vitamins because they taste better than sprouts!
Kate and Will from Exeter

“I love vitamins because they are delicious, healthy, colourful and look like Peppa Pig!
Maya aged 3 from Haddington

“I love vitamins because even on those days when our little piggy only wants to eat Daddy Pigs chocolate cake, I know she is still getting something good inside her
Donna, Mummy to Daisy, from Chelmsford

“I love vitamins because they are good for my body and keep me healthy. They are pigtastic! Oink oink!
Carys aged 6 from Newcastle upon Tyne

“I love vitamins because vitamins love me!
Sayj aged 5 from Whitehaven

“I love vitamins because they make me healthy and string like a superhero
Ellie-Grace from Solihull

“I love vitamins because they help me to keep big and strong just like my Daddy
Erin aged 3 from Dyce

“I love vitamins because they are tasty and keep you healthy
Aurora aged 4 from Thackley

“I love vitamins because they help to make me big and strong so that I can jump up and down in lots of muddy puddles
Sophia from Hurstpierpoint

“I love vitamins because it’s a great help when they are very picky about fruit and vegetables
Linda, Mummy to Milly aged 5, from Paisley

“I love vitamins because they are vegetarian and they help me to do big jumps in muddy puddles!
Tamsin Sky aged 3 from Acocks Green

“I love vitamins because I LOVE THE TASTE AND THEY ARE GOOD FOR ME
Gracie aged 4 from London

“I love vitamins because they keep me healthy and strong and because they look like Peppa
Olivia Layla Mae Ivy from Risborough

“I love vitamins because they are yummy in my tummy! Yum Yum!
Lois aged 4 from Wokingham

“I love vitamins because they keep my bones and teeth healthy
Anon from Blackburn

“I love vitamins because they help me be healthy and I can take them out and about with me. I love vitamins!!!!!!!!!!
Swissfamily Robinson

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