Fitvits, Peppa Pig and Thomas & Friends vitamins are controlled and manufactured to highest quality standard. Manufacturing complies with ISO22000, which is the standard set by the International Organisation for Standardisation specifically relating to food safety and quality. ISO22000 ensures that the manufacturer has an effective food safety management system and complies with principles of hazard analysis and critical control point system (HACCP) all along the food chain.

The manufacturer of these vitamins is also GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant, covering production processes and quality control. All manufacturing processes have to be clearly defined and recorded as standard operating procedures (SOPs). These controlled SOP documents have to be adhered to at all times and if changes are required these changes have to be fully evaluated before implementation. GMP also covers many other aspects of the manufacturing process such as appropriate training of operators, record keeping, complaints procedure and the application of batch/lot numbers. GMP compliant manufacturing safeguards the customer ensuring the safety and quality of the product.

As further proof as to the quality of the vitamins all Fitvits products have been approved by the Vegetarian Society and the American Vegetarian Association, which is widely recognised for products that are healthy and of excellent quality. Being approved not only means that these vitamins are suitable for vegetarians in that they don't contain any ingredient derived from animal slaughter but also that the products are free from GMO (genetically modified organism), have not been tested on animals and that there is no cross contamination during the production process.

All these practices and systems mean that the Fitvits, Peppa Pig and Thomas & Friends vitamins are produced to a very high standard resulting in a proven quality product.